Our approach

Our way to look at every project encompasses a three-stage approach:

  • Understanding our clients' needs:

AREP's teams are attentive to the function, history and geography of places, and attuned to the local culture and heritage. We design spaces which meet both the priorities of our clients and the expectations of today’s society, in terms of lifestyles, sustainability, and site identity. Conceiving spaces means, at a first stage, understanding the site's “intelligence” and highlighting the existing elements.

  • Using our methods and values to innovate and anticipate:

AREP advocates the thoughtful use of materials and energies by implementing efficient environmental solutions to city planning and buildings. Our work aims to address everyday life needs while supporting emerging uses.

  • Maintaining a continuous dialogue with our clients:
This iteration, which is essential to our approach, helps us anticipate both the future changes in lifestyles and issues regarding space organisation. The role played by AREP goes well beyond a response to a predefined programme. It contributes to the simultaneous emergence of a diagnosis, a programme and a project, and to shaping the role of the stakeholders and partners it works with.

In AREP we create user-oriented projects, which demonstrate our commitment to the history, geography, culture and sustainable development of the sites we contribute to shaping.