Our vision

For the last 20 years AREP’s teams have been designing and building for the contemporary city, the nerve centre of mobility.
Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, our cities have been constantly transformed by the increasing mechanization of transport modes and expanding networks.
But the progress that has driven this remarkable urban development has also fragmented the city and its usage.
Today our communal public space has to be reinvented !

With every project our teams seek to answer two questions: on the one hand, how to create places that are at the heart of a city's public spaces and, on the other hand, how to create places that not only bear an intrinsic value but also enhance their visibility within the community by their layout and the programmes they introduce.
The meaning and coherence of AREP's multidisciplinary approach, reinforced by the link between mobility and urban development, enable us to develop projects at different scales both in France and abroad.

AREP contributes to transforming the usage and image of the city by asserting the role of public spaces as elements of coherence and cohesion, by conciliating mobility and urban life and by combining nature and built environment.