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In Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, Hoan Kiem Lake is a historical and classified heritage site of the city. While its surroundings are deteriorating, the authorities have launched a program to rehabilitate the surroundings and preserve the biodiversity and environmental qualities of the site.
AREP SouthAsia is participating in this project and has led the coordinated work with scientists and specialists.

The result: a rehabilitation project that fully respects the site's natural qualities, preserves its environmental amenities and ensures its long-term accessibility.
AREP's proposals were presented to the inhabitants of Hanoi, who were able to express their opinions and additional ideas during the exhibition "Construction, Improvement and Renovation of the areas surrounding Hoan Kiem Lake".

AREP Southa Asia, a subsidiary of AREP based in Vietnam, operates in many countries in South and Southeast Asia. AREP South Asia specializes in issues of intense urban planning and resilient cities in a context of rapid urban growth and adaptation to climate change.
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