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AREP, the leading architectural firm in France, revisits its structure in order to meet the strategic and environmental priorities set up by its CEO, Raphaël Ménard. We have reorganized our departments around client services and core business activities. The 15 senior managers who head them have joined the board of directors, some of them for the first time.

When Raphaël Ménard was appointed CEO of AREP at the end of 2018, he undertook a major challenge: make the AREP Group a world leader in post-carbon design and a company that delivers a stronger performance. Philippe Bihouix, managing director, joined him a year later.

The renewal of the leadership naturally brought about a new strategic programme which puts forward three clear priorities :
  • Reinvent our relationship with our public and private clients and develop new solutions and services ;
  • State clearly and give practical expression to our commitment to ecological transition ;
  • Ensure that the company performs solidly at all levels
AREP overhauled its organization to support the change in its strategic focus. The company is now structured around four types of departments, the first two of which embody the shift intended by our CEO : 
  • The client departments expand our development opportunities while also supporting our current clients' projects, depending on their type and region ;
  • The core business departments affirm our areas of expertise, develop innovative and interdisciplinary solutions and services, and transform practices in line with the Group's environmental goals.
The support and coordination departments offer advice in their areas of expertise and allow for its effective implementation.

“Our new organization is more ambitious, flexible and efficient. It builds bridges between specialties and addresses many of the issues that are essential for the future of the AREP group. It is exemplary in terms of the environmental priorities that we have set and of our goal to act as motivators in this field, transforming the way we operate in our areas of expertise. We are dedicated to this shared project at all corporate levels and beyond, in the engagement with our shareholders”, Raphaël Ménard, CEO of AREP.