Saint-Denis, France | 2013 | Interior design
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A modern layout of a head office

  • Client: SNCF (Property Management Department) / Gares & Connexions
  • Project management: AREP, MaP3
  • Delivery: 2013 
The building has been refurbished to host the new SNCF headquarters in Saint-Denis.
The entrance to the building has been repositioned and now opens up onto the RER (suburban express line) forecourt, at the heart of the district's pedestrian flow. The work spaces form open-plan offices, thus encouraging collaborative work and conviviality. The large wooden circular tables render a modernised image of the conventional corporate cafeteria while break rooms equipped with colourful and comfortable furniture are available on each floor. Colour coding and clear, station-inspired signage is used throughout the different wings of the building.