Paris, France | 2014 | Interior design
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A restoration of the historical heritage and a refitting of the salons

  • Owner: SNCF Gares & Connexions
  • Client: SSP
  • Project management: Agence Duthilleul, AREP (subcontractor), 2BDM (Architecte des Monuments Historiques), Eurogip
  • Delivery: 2014
The legendary restaurant "Le Train Bleu", a listed building in Paris-Lyon station, had to propel itself in the contemporary world while regaining its bygone splendor.
Restore, harmonise and upgrade: these were the three goals achieved during the two-month renovation process. The first consisted in restoring this listed monument by highlighting its original decors, dating back to 1900, thus allowing public to rediscover it. The second was fired by the desire to rearrange the furniture, acquired throughout the 20th century, to find the smooth geometry of the past. Thus, some old pieces of furniture were restored while others, such as the bar, the kitchen trolleys or some of the folding screens were designed ad hoc. The original benches have been reupholstered in different shades of blue leather echoing the Mediterranean blue of the paintings on the ceiling and the walls. Finally, the restaurant had to adapt to the evolving needs of the clientele, such as business appointments which take place in the restored Tunisian and Algerian lounges. More private appointments can take place in the new Moroccan lounge which is dressed in deep blue and allows views of the trains through a contemporary mashrabiya.