Paris, France | 2012 | Graphic design and signage
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A signage and a guide of application

  • Client: SNCF
  • Design: AREP 
The AREP design team has radically overhauled and modernised station signage on the request of SNCF.

As the company’s main communication medium, SNCF wanted to update its station signage in order to more effectively manage information about the development of intermodal transport and new services.
AREP collected and ranked the information in order to provide passengers with information at the right time on their journey, while also being able to anticipate their wishes, using: 
  • large format information visuals in large spaces. 
  • systematic reminders over the course of the passenger’s journey.
  • increased size symbols.
Semantically coherent message families were also created, while the graphic design and vocabulary used to facilitate visual recognition were optimised.  
The new signage developed by AREP is truly contemporary and rejuvenated. It manages to banish the spectre of information overload and helps to forge a closer relationship with passengers.
The new charter has been successfully applied in Paris Saint-Lazare Station, the capital’s second station in terms of passenger numbers, before being rolled out in all the railway stations in France.