Ottrot, France | 2006 | Religious
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A complete renovation of the monastery

  • Client: Diocese of Strasbourg
  • Contractors: AREP and Benoît Ferré (Compagnie Européenne d'Architecture), architects
  • Delivery: 2006
Founded in the eighth century CE, destroyed and rebuilt at several periods in its long history, Mont Sainte-Odile monastery, also known as Hohenbourg monastery, today needs renovating to give it a new functional and spiritual cohesion following a series of earlier restorations and the renewed interest in the traditional pilgrimage.
The courtyard has been recentered on the double avenue of century-old linden trees leading to the "Porterie", or gatehouse reception area. The terraces and restaurants have been remodelled to provide views both of the interior and of the Vosges mountains and the plain of Alsace. The layout, furniture design and atmosphere of dark, polished wood, form a contemporary tribute to the Alsace tradition.