Paris, France | 2005 | Religious
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A new church in Paris

  • Client: Association Diocésaine de Paris
  • Prime Contractor: Corinne Callies and Jean-Marie Duthilleul - AREP, architects / Landscaping: Michel Desvigne / Design office: AREP (acoustic); BETHAC (fluids); Kephren Ingénierie (structure)
  • Surface area: 1 392 m² shon, church: 400 m²
  • Delivery: 2005
To highlight the renewal of its religious community, the new church asserts its biblical resonance.
The design establishes a relationship between the garden (the original Garden of Eden) and the city (the heavenly Jerusalem). Between these two poles are the faithful grouped around the altar. The area has a sunken floor and is surrounded by a mandorla of pews and galleries. To the north, the crucifix and the ambon stand out against a glass wall. The trees standing next to a small pond in the garden can be seen from the nave on the street side. The street can also be seen through the cabochons set into the wooden doors. The sun's rays traverse the cabochons and are reflected in the narthex on a light-coloured floor, advancing as far as the baptismal font at foot of the nave. On the east side, the east-facing oratory is enclosed in a white stone structure to form a sanctuary for private prayer.