St Malo, France | 2006 | Railway station
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A new station vector of the project of urban planning

  • Client: SNCF         
  • Prime Contractor: SNCF Gares & Connexions, AREP
  • Delivery: 2006
With the advent of the TGV high-speed rail link and the expansion of TER regional rail services, the Saint Malo municipal authorities decided to move the station 260 metres to impose consistency on the site's urban development programme.
The passenger shed, simultaneously a social space and an extension of public space, helps passengers naturally in their transition from town to train. A unifying volume known as the Gallery of Transport connects the different types of transport to each other, helps users to grasp the content of the offering and encapsulates a lively, safe, urban social space.  A wooden colonnade punctuates the otherwise transparent main façade, which is protected from sunlight by oblique blinds. The light-coloured concrete of the exterior façades alludes to the more urban vernacular of the multi-modal transport hub and its forecourt. The wooden panels forming the façades on the track-side of the wings of the passenger shed create a more intimate atmosphere.