Paris, France | 2015 | Urban Transport Facilities
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A new station under railway lines

  • Client: RFF
  • Delegated project ownership: SNCF SCS MOM
  • Project management: SNCF CINP
  • Plans project management: AREP (J.M. Duthilleul, E. Tricaud, F. Bonnefille, architects), AEDIS (structure)
  • Building work budget: approx €30 million
  • Delivery: 2015 

Awards and prizes

  • 2016 - Grand Prix de la Région Capital
The station is accessed from the south at ground level from Rue Gaston Tessier and from the north via an urban passage and is located under the railway lines between Magenta and Pantin stations.
It primarily comprises a passenger hall consisting in cross section of two large spaces of equal length that are side by side, a two-level services building and a light-filled forecourt to the south, which is protected from inclement weather by a transparent canopy. The urban passageway covered at its northern exit by a glass canopy connects the area around the MacDonald warehouses and Rue Gaston Tessier. There are six platform access points, which are inserted in a gap  and are covered by a continuous 145 m long shelter. The transparent central section of the platform shelter also lets light into the passenger hall via openings.

Rosa Parks station video © AREP 2016/2017 -  Grzegorz Tomczak

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