Aix en Provence, France | 2001 | Railway station
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A new station in echo to Sainte-Victoire Mountain 

  • Cient: SNCF Gares & Connexions, RFF               
  • Prime Contractor: SNCF Gares & Conneions and AREP / Desvigne and Dalnoky (Landscape architects) / ARCORA (design offices, structure), Trouvin BETEREM (technical), OTH (summary), COPIBAT (site organization and planning) 
  • Surface area: 7 000 m²

Awards and prizes

  • 2003 - European Award for Steel Structure
  • 2002 - Concours de plus beaux ouvrages de construction métallique
Its immense undulating roof structure runs north to south, echoing the landmark immortalised by Cézanne.
From inside the station, this same roof frames the spectacular landscape. It glass façades, which are transparent on the eastern side, are equipped on the western side with a wooden moucharabieh, which opens and closes in response to changing levels of sunlight, guaranteeing the required thermal comfort levels, winter and summer alike. The station also functions in a manner attuned to TGV high-speed travel. Located at the intersection of the high-speed line and the Aix-Etang de Berre expressway, it is enclosed in a large-scale traffic circle for clear and easy station access.