Dubai, United Arab Emirates | 2004 | Urban Transport Facilities
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Two air and subterranean urban lines of railroad network

  • Client: Dubaï Municipality
  • Prime Contractor: AREP Ville, SYSTRA
  • Lenght of the line: 72 km
  • Studies: 2004
The prospect of rapid economic growth in the years to come has prompted the Emirate of Dubai to create a first Light Railway Transit (LRT) system.
Two lines are planned. While the first involves underground stations, the second will comprise elevated stops. For the latter, to ensure that all the functional specifications are met, no fewer than 11 types of station have been identified. For each of these families, the envelope is the essential component. It underscores the continuity of space between the forecourt and the platforms and generates an interplay of light and transparency conducive to the creation of an interior ambience that is both open onto the city and protects from the heat of the sun.