Bonnières-sur-Seine, France | 2004 | Coach station
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A new bus station 

  • Client: Ville de Bonnière-sur-Seine
  • Prime Contractor: AREP Ville
  • Car park: 100 places
  • Delivery: 2004
The project of bus station of Bonnières-sur-Seine and its regional car park of 100 places, situated in a perimeter between the railroad and the Seine, joins in a more global project of valuation of the banks of the Seine and the future arrangement for the development of the tourism river.
This necessary conservation of the future was translated in the project by a concern of environmental quality with in particular the creation of a pedestrian mail structuring the site and joining the SNCF station by an underground passage, and the conception of the car park as the continuation of the existing car park. The nearness of the Seine is one of the striking elements of the project and the metaphor of sailboats on the river that led the project management and the project ownership to choose the Orlam of AUBRILAM range of wooden furniture, constituted of masts of lighting, benches, barriers as well as of drunk stop points which were drawn by AREP especially for the project. The bus station, constituted of 12 platforms, 8 simple platforms and 4 platforms for articulated buses, contains in its center a small building for the travelers acting as point of reference and concentrating the functions shelter and information.