Jeddah, Saudi Arabia | 2004 | Urban Transport Facilities
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A multimodal hub for the new Jeddah airport

  • Client: ADPI
  • Project management: AREP / J.M. Duthilleul, E. Tricaud
  • Competition: 2004
The new Jeddah airport is at the same time a gate to Mecca, a stop over during the pilgrimage, an extension of the already existing airport system, a new multimodal hub and a new neighbourhood of the city.
In 2035, the airport will be visited by 80 million of passengers per year.
This vast multimodal hub will fulfil the function of an interconnection between the various means of transportation linked to the airport, including:
- A high-speed train station incorporated into a new high-speed rail network between the cities of Mecca, Jeddah, Rabigh and Medina. A multimodal area that will be visited by a significant part of the airport flow, from 60 up to 70%.
- A subway whose trains will stop in the different neighbourhoods of Jeddah including the airport. The use of that subway station will be dedicated mainly to the employees working at the aiport and in its connected activities.
- An APM (Automated People Mover) transport system within its own lane in the axis of the airport will link the whole of the new airport neighbourhood that includes hotels, shops and offices.
- A coach station, besides the trains, will offer an additional access to the sites of pilgrimages. The whole of the means of transportation will be integrated around the same area which will be at the same time the airport hall and a high-speed train station.
AREP has been involved in the preliminary studies of the multimodal hub.