Doha, Qatar | 2018 | Urban Transport Facilities
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Six new underground stations

  • Client: Qatar Railways Company
  • Project Management: PSH (PORR-Saudi Bin Ladin-KBK), AREP, MaP3, Structure/façades – SYNTETIC, BIM – Studio Grenade, Rendering
  • Design branding: UNStudio
  • Planning: studies 11 months; construction phase 35 months
  • Cost: 1.9 bn QAR (all works, including civil engineering structures, tunnels, stations, etc.)
In view of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the Qatar Rail Development program includes four new metro lines. Qatar Railways Company tasked AREP with the implementation of the design guidelines developed by UNStudio for Doha's Green Line.
The project concerns an underground section of the Green Line and covers six metro stations (White Palace, Hamad Hospital, Al Rayyan Al Messila, Al Rayyan Al Qadeem, Al Shaqab, Qatar National Library) and twelve ancillary buildings. Our goal is to create high-quality, 4* GSAS-certified (Global Sustainability Assessent System) architectural design featuring a strong identity while meeting the deadlines for a launch expected in 2018.
AREP's tasks include:
- Lead design,
- Front of House architectural studies (public space),
- Building Information Modeling,
- Coordination between parties,
- Architect of Record,
- Architectural monitoring during the works.

AREP is also tasked with the urban landscaping of the areas around the station entrances.
By structuring the city around urban transport, this open-air project ushers in a new era for Doha: the era of great capital cities. Christophe Iliou, Project Director - Elias Habr, Deputy Manager – Jacques Spiegelstein, Branding Supervisor CICO, Architect of Record - RAD, landscape architect