Sergiyev Posad, Russia | 2014 | Railway station
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A restructuring of the existing station and its area

- TPU1 The new station: the new center of the Sergiyev Posad city: 30 000 m²
- City Master Plan: 2 187 704 m²
- TPU2 Extension of the historical station in the Sergiyev Posad city center: 2 130 m²

  • Client: LLC «Regional Centre of Urban Planning», represented by Alexander Bogdanov
  • Project Management: AREP Ville
  • Studies: 01/04/2014 - 15/05/2014
  • Completion date: 15/05/201

The transport transfer hub consisting of the existing building of the railway station and its extension along the platforms makes up a big facade along the Vokzalnaya street.
Vokzalnaya Street has been reconstructed to accommodate parking cars, taxis, buses and min-buses along the station’s facade. A vast pedestrian space between the station’s facade and Vokzalnaya Street enables easy and convenient transfer from one means of transportation to another. Underpasses at each tip of the architectural ensemble connect the two parts of the city and help run service for the train platforms. For greater convenience, an underpass in the northern part of the station provides direct access to the new station building. The underpasses are equipped with approach ramps improving passenger flow maneuverability between the two parts of the city. These devices are supplemented with stairs and also by elevators for with mobility impairment. In order to achieve an increase in the number of visitors in Sergiyev Posad, the new station building expands the existent capacities by adding essential elements: ticket offices and waiting rooms. The new building creates a real vital space for passengers, who can make use of their waiting time by shopping at numerous outlets, having meal in a restaurant with a panoramic view of the city, and drinking coffee on the sun-lit terrace in the pedestrian zone.