Nha Trang , Vietnam | 2012 | Tourism
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A new tourist resort 

  • Client: State Development (Russia)
  • Project management: AREP Ville
  • Bungalows and hotel: surface 15 ha
  • Competition: 2012  
The water masterpiece resort accommodates the living space of the complex.
In the middle of the slot, a long pond together with a sand bank stretches out to the beach. The concept of the villas consists in a double floor volume like a “bridge” that lies on the two small volumes underneath creating a natural window between the first floor elements. The very modern impression of the villas from the “flying” volumes are also combined with the traditional roof design which gives sense toward the Asian and Vietnamese original design. Scattered along the pond lake, the bungalows are made of lively materials: coconut leaves for the roof, wood for the structure and flooring, natural stone or clay brick for masonry. The Wellness Spa Centre is made of a flexible mesh of bamboo structure and the ring shaped beach bar restaurant placed between the beach and the pond connects all the programs. The hotel with its semi-organic structure located in the back of the slot facing the pond and the sea is composed of a staking of garden terrace which brings the familiar image of Vietnamese mountains.