Toulouse, France | 2008 | Maintenance facility
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A new exploitation center and maintenance of bus

  • Client: TISSEO SMTC
  • Prime Contractor and Works Management: ARCHEA Architecture, AREP / Design office: BETEREM
  • Surface area: 9.5 ha
  • Delivery: 2008
This site on the periphery of the city of Toulouse, in an area criss-crossed by road and rail infrastructure, has stood vacant since it was devastated by the tragic explosion at the AZF factory in 2001.
It is now seeking to extensively remodel its image with the Toulouse Langlade - bus depot and maintenance unit. This building which, it is hoped, will pioneer the urban renewal of the area. The unit form combines the site's various functional components - the workshops, parking areas for buses and light vehicles, offices and social amenities - in a uncluttered, intelligible composition and highlights their unifying connections. The buildings are thus separated by exterior spaces so that, despite their size, the impression is one of human scale, with optimised pedestrian walkways.