Rungis, France | 2010 | Technical building
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 Platforms with metallic Cover and textile membrane

  • Client: SEMMARIS
  • Prime Contractor: SNCF (Centre Ingénierie Sud Paris), AREP
  • Structures and Technical Design office: Arôme
  • Delivery: 2010

Awards and prizes

  • 2011 - Brunel Award - nominated
The project involves the construction of two new piers, 370 metres in length and ten metres wide on either side of a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) manoeuvring area approximately 32 metres in width.
The docks are used for transferring goods from trains on one side to HGVs on the other.
Each pier is roofed end-to end with a canopy approximately 16 metres wide, comprising a metal framework and a textile membrane roof covering.
Each pier features twelve 14 m x 5 m 20 modules spaced at regular intervals along the pier deck like boxes. Eleven of these modules are refrigerated (positive temperature) and are used for temporary storage of fresh produce. The twelfth module, located at the south end of the pier, is used to store electrically-powered pallet trucks and recharge their batteries.