Lyon, France | 2009 | Maintenance facility
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A new TGV maintenance depot 

  • Client: SNCF Direction du Matériel
  • Project Management: SNCF, AREP
  • Surface: 34 680 m²
  • Delivery: 2009
The new Technicentre TGV maintenance facility will be able to maintain up to 60 TGV Duplex trainsets.
The project, which also comprises parking areas, is organised into six different units: a maintenance building proper, with six tracks and another with three, specialised workshops, a store, offices, a bogie parking area, and a boiler room. The desire to maximise the amount of natural light inside the buildings meant a preference for overhead natural light and the choice of polycarbonate panels for the façade, lined with a metal mesh to filter the light. Vertical superstructures are built in reinforced concrete. For sustainability purposes, energy management has been optimised, while rainwater is collected for use in washing machines and washrooms. Located on railway land in the heart of an urban area due for widespread redevelopment, the maintenance facility is also important in terms of an enhanced corporate image.

Technicentre TGV video © AREP 2017 / Grzegorz Tomczak