Beijing, China | 2014 | Multipurpose buildings
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The new headquarter of Air China

  • Client: China National Aviation Corporation (Group) Limited
  • Project management: AREP Ville, IPPR (China)
  • Total surface area: 120 000 m² offices and retails: 89 855 m² - Height: 110 m
  • Delivery: 2015
The Air China Tower is designed to represent the magic of air travel and a vision of human activity as “seen from the air”.

Air China Group headquarter is located on the South East corner of Sanyuan Bridge in Chaoyang District. From the view at the corner of North Third Ring Road, the building reveals its simple and big massing that is changing with the movement of the view angle. Being different from the cubic and heavy buildings around, the headquarter tower represents itself by a slim vertical line. The entry point of the building expresses the business image of Air China by the form of simple and big scale. The inward space creates a pleasant environment for people.

The high usage quality of the building derives partly from factoring in the environmental context through the interplay of differing ways of treating the façades according to their orientation.The programme’s orientation and shape have, of course, been engineered so as to take the sunlight requirements of surrounding residential buildings into account.

Airchina tower video © AREP 2015-2017 / Grzegorz Tomczak

All in all, this programme will integrate into the Beijing cityscape with a gentle strength, elegant and subtle, even as it remains faithful to Air China’s core values:

- it is a link between the sky and the Earth, 
- and a link between people.