Shanghai, China | 2013 | Office
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A new financial complex 

  • Client: Shanghai Bank Co. Ltd
  • Project management: Partnership between AREP Ville (Jean-Marie Duthilleul and Etienne Tricaud)  and S. d’Ascia (architect), ECADI
  • Competition: March 2007
  • Cost: 80 million euros
  • Surface: 76 000 m²
  • Delivery: 2013 
The project reinterprets the high-tech village concept with the aim to convey the image of a contemporary institution, open to the city.
With its granite and glass envelope on a massive and homogeneous base, this fortified citadel stands as a symbol for the Bank's functions while bringing to mind an ancient Chinese fortress. Each one of the ten buildings has its own identity and hosts a different activity and programme (conference venue, hotel, housing, client services etc.). The buildings are laid out around two large rectangular courtyards: the first one is reserved exclusively to the staff and is composed of a lush garden featuring a central pond shaped like the company's logo. The second one is open to the public and forms a large, green sloping square with a pedestrian pathway leading to the restaurant and leisure amenities.