Antony, France | 2017 | Multipurpose buildings
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Inventing the Greater Paris metropolis

  • Financiers / property developers: Linkcity IDF (representative), Emerige, Accor Group 
  • Design: AREP (architecture), Clément Blanchet Architecture, Laisne Roussel (architect), Coloco (landscaping), Projex (engineering consultant)
  • Competition: 2016-2017
The project by AREP and their partners is to be developed in a major site at the heart of a fragmented zone, and aims to create a new metropolitan centre within a new district.
We worked hand in hand with financiers, developers and architects to design Antonypole, one of the winning projects in the "Inventing Greater Paris" architecture and planning competition, which was organised by the metropolitan authority for Greater Paris and their partners (municipality of Antony, the Paris region prefecture and the Société du Grand Paris).

Regenerating a fragmented zone
The site lies within the municipality of Antony and is bordered by the A10 motorway and a network of motorways and trunk roads (A6 and RN20), as well as by the future station on the Greater Paris express line. Our goal is to transform this fragmented and disparate area into a new metropolitan centre within a vibrant district providing housing, retail facilities, and office accommodation laid out around public spaces. An innovation cluster, an upmarket hotel, co-working spaces, and a childcare centre will complement the programme.

Weaving various elements together
We have thoughtfully combined the different scales of the programme components taking into consideration the existing residential and commercial fabric in an effort to recompose the urban setting in a sensible way.

Adjusting the project through dialogue
The call for tenders by the metropolitan authority for Greater Paris paved the way for a rich and close dialogue with all the stakeholders and allowed us to gradually adjust the programme to achieve the best results.