Wuxi, China | 2010
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A new Rolling Stock Depot

  • Client: WuXi Metro Co., Ltd
  • Project management: AREP Ville
  • Studies: 2010
  • Surface: 867 360 m²
The planned Chaqiao Rolling Stock Depot is located in Xidong New City of Wuxi.
Considering the current situation of the local region of Xidong New City, it is located to the southeast of Wuxi Downtown. At present, the supporting facility in this area is incomplete. However, considering the future urban development as well as rail transportation and high speed railway CBD, it has prominence location value. The planned Chaqiao Rolling Stock Depot, located at the southwest corner of the Xinhua Road and Xinfang Road crossing, covers about 38 hectares. Based on the organisation and integration of peripheral resources, aiming at shaping the overall space of Xidong New City Area, systematically analyse and study construction intensity, height zoning, road network, facility layout determined by regulatory detailed plan. Based on the results, conduct a systematic key study on designation of density zoning, open space organization, distinctive intent zone as well as city image design. Carry out the conceptual schematic design of Chaqiao Rolling Stock Depot. Through visual 3D body representation, demonstrate the urban spatial form and structural feature, put forward proposals on construction sequence and development model and formulate regulatory guidelines which guide daily management and regional detailed design.