Tianjin, China | 2007 | Territories study
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The development of an aquatic territory

  • Client: Tianjin Knowledge-Island Investment Development Co Ltd, Beijing World Trade & Bidding Co Ltd
  • Study: AREP Ville
  • Study schedule: 2007 
The “K Island” project is developed on a trapezoidal site located at the confluence of two rivers.
Launched by a Chinese steel industry consortium, it aims to redevelop the site by taking advantage of the existing ponds and irrigation channels. Drawing on the original layout, it forms an organised mesh bringing to mind an archipelago. The central island is surrounded by a snaking river and hosts exhibition, convention and museum facilities. Visitors can move around by using water transport and other soft transport modes. The long strip of land on the site's southern edge features a wide range of water-related habitat typologies, while the extensive natural area at its extreme end will exclusively host the hotel programme. Companies are located at the site's northern border.