Vung Tau, Vietnam | 2010-2011 | Urban study
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An urban development plan

  • Client: Ba Ria-Vung Tau DoC
  • Project management: AREP Ville, Construction planning center of BRTV
  • Area: 1 350 ha 
An Innovative multimodal Eco-city.
Project site is a mangrove forests island with sparse population living by aquaculture. The objective of the project is the construction of new urban areas with functions of premium general service complex in many sectors. The concept is to build the urban area based on the natural characteristics, to create a city adaptable to the risk of rising sea level to reduce to damage for people through natural preventive measures as well as planning measures of making the area adaptable to natural conditions of the island. Our aim is to develop Go Gang into a sustainable eco-city with conservation measures of characteristic of the whole area and wetland, develop the mangrove region into an ecological model. At the same time, we also control the urban growth – limit the spreading development of urban space.