Hangzhou, China | 2009 | Multipurpose buildings
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A new neighbourhood of housing, offices, shops and public facilities

  • Client: Hangzhou Subway
  • Project management: AREP Ville
  • Surface of programme: 800 000 m²
  • Cost of development plans: €4.6 million
Hangzhou Subway commissioned AREP Ville, in partnership with two local institutes (the China Railway Eryuan Engineering Institute and Beijing Urban Engineering Design & Research Institute) to develop plans and roll out the project.
The 50 hectare plus plot is located in the Qi Bao district at the terminus of the subway line. The railway maintenance facilities and depot are located on the plot.
The project involves building a new 800 000 m² plus neighbourhood comprising a range of programmes: housing, office space, shops and schools, social and cultural facilities, partly located on a new esplanade built above the subway’s technical facilities.