Beijing, China | 2010 | Urban study
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An HEQ development

  • Client: Government of Mentougou District, Beijing
  • Project management: AREP Ville, CSCEC
  • Surface: 7 640 000 m² (offices, commercial)
  • Studies: 2010 
The New City in Southern Part of Mentougou occupies an important geographical location along the west line of the West Chang’an Avenue.
Beijing municipal government intends to take this opportunity to improve the overall positioning and quality of Mentougou District. AREP design positions the region in a direction of comprehensive development of ecological conservation, cultural tourism and creative industry parks combined with the local cultural and natural landscape. The overall landscape has maintained and improved the local natural ecological environment, renovated the original gravel pit, and enhanced the overall environment by making it a recreational park in the New City. At the same time, the design highlights the city’s attractive and vitality areas. Efficient transport planning and the introduction of metro, medium and low-speed maglev and other modern transport means contribute to building the New City into a convenient, comfortable and green low-carbon modern new city.