Dujiangyan, China | 2008 | Territories study
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A new city

  • Client: People’s Government of Dujiangyan city
  • Project management: AREP Ville, CSCEC
  • Surface: 800 000 000 m²
  • Studies: June 2008 - July 2008 
The city of Dujiangyan was badly hit by the earthquake that stroke Sichuan in 2008.
Many villages laid in shambles and it became necessary to build new housing facilities in a short lapse of time.  The project aims to rethink urban planning, initially by 2020, and the design process sets out three main lines of development, all of which have their starting point in the old historic center of the city. The city development strategy and the current resources provide for the creation of three urban focal points - a tourist centre, a central retail area and a high-tech industry district - and take into account the cultural heritage, the existing water supply system and road network, as well as green spaces and buildings that have not been affected by the earthquake. Moreover, the project focuses on the new transport system which will connect the city of Dujiangyan to the province's capital, Chengdu. Our goal is to rebuild a sustainable city with an efficient public transport system, extensive green spaces and a revitalised tourist industry.