Sergiyev Posad , Russia | 2014 | Urban study
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A general layout  for the city expansion

- TPU1 (New station: new urban centre of Sergyyev Posad): 30 000 m²
- City Master Plan: 2 187 704 m²
- TPU2 (Extension of the historic station of Sergiyev Posad town centre): 2 130 m²

  • Client: LLC «Regional Centre of Urban Planning», represented by Alexander Bogdanov
  • Project Management: AREP Ville
  • Studies: 01/04/2014 - 15/05/2014
  • Completion date: 15/05/2014
Sergiyev Posad is the biggest administrative, industrial, education and research center in the Moscow region. It has a population of 112,800.
The city conveniently lies on roads connecting regions of Russia to Moscow and has good motorway and rail service contributing to the development of the city and its suburbs. The prospective construction sites are adjacent to two transfer hubs of Sergiyev Posad, the future TPU1 and the existing TPU2. The project will redesign TPU2: a new station building will be constructed, the station square will be improved, neighbourhoods will be renovated and new ones will be built. The plot near TPU1 is 1,300 hectares large. TPU1 would be the key element of the layout connecting the adjacent neighbourhoods. The development concept for five new districts is based on the creation of open urban public space. The city boulevard and the main pedestrian street would constitute the central public space surrounded by parks.