Rocquencourt, France | 2016 | Urban study
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A neew district of housing 

  • Client: SEM Yvelines Aménagements
  • Project management: AREP Ville (representative) and Michel Desvigne (landscape gardener)
  • Building work cost: €4.5 million
  • Development plans and building work schedule: January 2011 to December 2014

Awards and prizes

  • 2017 - Prix National
Rocquencourt Council wanted to encourage a diverse housing offering and therefore wished to create social free access housing, shops, leisure facilities and activities on a 4.
9 hectare site in the centre of the district. The project includes an overall plan linked to the natural environment (Marly Forest and the Chèvreloup Arboretum) and the creation of public spaces designed with pedestrians in mind. Particular attention is being paid to the development and conservation of existing spaces and plant life. The reworking of district access ways and the creation of landmarks in the town help people to get their bearings more easily.

Last news

Expanding Rocquencourt: the "Heart of the village"
The first phase of the "Heart of the village" ZAC (special planning district), designed by AREP Ville, was completed, and inaugurated in the presence of Pierre Bédier, President of the Yvelines County Council, Jean-François Peumery, Mayor of Rocquencourt, Daniel Talamoni, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Citallios, and Louis Moutard, Manager of AREP's Division for Urban Planning.
AREP Ville's urban project pays special attention to the natural setting of the site (Marly forest and Chèvreloup arboretum) and aims to create a district with pedestrian-friendly public spaces which will encourage residents to feel possession of the space, will highlight the existing outstanding setting, and introduce novel architectural typologies able to foster a new identity for the village.

  • Client: CITALLIOS
  • Project management: AREP Ville Louis Moutard, Christophe Chevallier, Emmanuelle Frege Adam, Fabrizio Calosci, Marie Durca, Frédéric Bureau
  • Schedule: : Janvier 2011 - 2016